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Who's Talking About Us

We think our all natural meat is some of the best in the country... and we aren't the only ones!

"Redger Farms is one of the most health- and flavor-focused ranches in Kansas."

-Crowd Cow



Crowd Cow

Our meat reached dinner tables in every corner of the nation during our collaboration with CrowdCow, a company that focuses on distributing high-quality meat from small farms across the country. As a midwestern farm, we loved receiving enthusiastic emails from customers across the East and West coasts every time our farm was featured.

Whole Foods Market

We are the GAP Step 4 Certified grass-fed beef in the butcher case of many of the Whole Foods stores across the Rocky Mountain region. This area spans from Montana to New Mexico and Utah to Kansas. Ask the butcher who the grass-fed farm is to be sure you're getting Redger Farms meat at your local Whole Foods Market. You can also check our Retail Locations to see if your store is on the list.


ASPCA Shop With Your Heart

We've always cared about thoughtful treatment of our animals (we go above and beyond with our GAP Step 4 certification), so we were honored when the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reached out to us to be one of their Shop With Your Heart partners. The ASPCA began this program to shine a spotlight on producers who are focused on treating their livestock with an emphasis on humaneness and welfare. Doing better for our animals means being better for our customers!


Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative

The Grass Roots Coop sells pasture-raised meats from small family farms across the country. We're pleased to be one of their participating farms following strict livestock standards—like no antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides, or GMOs—in our operation. It's easy to meet the highest standards when you focus on following your principles.

Customer Raves

It truly makes our day to hear from customers who have enjoyed our meat. If you've had something you loved, email us or leave a review and let us know!

"The ribeye I just ate from your farm is one of the best I’ve ever had!"

-Ken from Louisiana

"I just bought 12 pounds of ground beef from Redger farms, through Crowd Cow. As I was making my burgers, I thought, "Wow! That smells so good." I then realized I had never said that about burgers BEFORE putting them on the grill. I was just forming the patties. THAT, my friends, is great ground beef. Now, all I want to do is eat burgers. So delicious. I can't wait to order some other cuts from Redger Farms."

-David from Tennessee

"I ordered a 12 lb. lot of your beef from Crowd Cow and was hooked from the first bite! It is the most amazing beef I have ever had."

-John from Rhode Island