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What Makes Us Better

We believe that natural farming practices lead to happier, healthier animals. We have high standards, which means you get better meat.

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Grass-Fed and Finished Beef

Our cattle are never given grain, ever. They eat the diet their bodies were designed to digest: grass. They normally graze on pastures of triticale, alfalfa, clover, brome, and other natural grasses. Throughout the warmer months, you might find them munching away on chicory leaves or dark turnip greens; in the winter, they get plenty of hay and grain-free silage.



We have about a thousand acres of rotating pastures at Redger Farms and cows aren't the only ones who spend their lives free-roaming our land. Our happy cage-free chickens pass the days pecking and foraging their area outside, with access to their hen house away from predators at night.


Antibiotic Free

Within the beef industry, it's common to feed antibiotics daily to promote weight gain and prevent illness in cramped feedlots. We think that this is harmful and unnecessary. We don't feed antibiotics to any of the animals in our program. When there is the occasional illness/injury, we provide treatment and restore health with therapeutic doses. While they follow all of our other standards, any products from these animals are removed from the normal track and marked as "Spot Treated with Antibiotics" if sold online.


Humanely Raised

Treating our animals humanely has always been our top priority. Redger Farms is Animal Welfare Certified by the Global Animal Partnership. We're Step 4, which means our cattle are always on pasture and we fulfill specific guidelines that include weaning, castration, and transportation times. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also recognizes us in its Shop With Your Heart program.

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No Added Hormones

Many beef producers will give additional hormones to beef and dairy cattle to speed up weight gain and increase milk production. We don't administer hormones to our animals; they don't need any more than what they're born with. Luckily, federal regulations already prohibit the use of hormones in poultry farming.


GMO Free

We choose to avoid using GMO products in our crops, animal feeds, and supplements to support traditional, ethical agricultural and business practices. This includes using natural sugarcane molasses to mix into our cattle's hay, which we believe helps create better marbling in our grass-fed steaks and roasts.