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Half Brisket

Half Brisket

Typical weight: 4 lbs

Brisket Half
The brisket can be found in a large, whole portion or cut into halves: the fattier point and the leaner flat. This product is a brisket half. Both half types are rich in flavor and should be cooked slowly in order to become tender and juicy.

Recommended Cooking Methods:

Roasting — Braising/Stewing — Pressure Cooking — Smoking — Curing & Slow Cooking

Recipe Ideas

- Rub all over with yellow mustard and season generously with a barbecue rub. Smoke until tender, wrapping halfway through if needed to insulate during cooking.
- Sear and cover with beef stock. Braise in a covered Dutch oven in a 325°F oven with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and onion until tender and meat pulls gently when poked with a fork.