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Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue

Typical weight: about 2 lbs

Beef Tongue
Beef tongue may be more recognized by its Spanish translation: lengua. While some people shy away from the idea of eating this talkative cut, anyone who has had a bite of tacos de lengua knows that tongue is tremendously tender and flavorful. It’s a highly used muscle (obviously), but it has no connective tissue and is high in fat content. The raw tongue is topped with a thick layer of skin, so it must be boiled and peeled before enjoying. The traditional preparation method is to cover the tongue in water or stock (flavored with onion, garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns, cilantro stems, or other aromatics) and boil for 1-6 hours until it is cooked through and the membrane/skin peels away easily. It can then be chopped/sliced and browned in a saute pan or on a grill (or just combined with a sauce) to serve. If you haven’t yet, give the beef tongue a try.

Recommended Cooking Methods:

Boiling — Pressure Cooking — Sous Vide — Grilling — Searing/Sauteing — Stewing

Recipe Ideas

- Chop boiled and peeled tongue into bite-sized pieces and brown in a pan over high heat. Pile onto warmed corn tortillas and top with fresh lime, salsa verde, chipotle puree, fresh cilantro, cotija, and/or diced white onion.
- Thinly slice boiled and peeled tongue. Serve warm or cold on your favorite crusty, rye, or sandwich bread with high-quality mayonnaise and your choice of mustard, pickles, lettuce, sliced radishes, etc.
- Chop boiled and peeled tongue and simmer in your favorite curry sauce. Serve with rice.