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Pickup FAQs

Is the order total at checkout the cost that I will pay?

No. Many of our products are priced by weight, so we can't guarantee that the estimated total in your cart is the final cost you will pay. When we gather/pack your order (usually 1-2 days before pickup day), we will send you an email with the final weights and cost total. If you want to modify your order at that point, just let us know by reply and we will work with you to make sure you love what is in your order.

***Please Note: We are a small farm, not a large warehouse. We will do our best to accommodate your order and any special requests. If any item becomes out of stock, we will notify you and your total cost will be adjusted accordingly.

How can I pay for my pickup order?

To make pickups and drop-offs a breeze, we are requiring that all orders be prepaid online. We will let you know your final totals beforehand via your Order Packed email, so you have a chance to change your order if needed before being charged. Your credit card will be processed on the day before your pickup. You will receive a notification from us, as well as a digital receipt from Stripe, who processes our online payments.

What are the benefits of picking up my order?

With no delivery or shipping fees and a low (or no) order minimum, order pickups are by far the most accessible way to order.

Can I add to my pickup order?

Yes! Check your pickup location's schedule for more details. Most commonly, you can modify your order up to 2 days before your pickup date.

How should I prepare for my pickup?

Mark your calendar and set a reminder! It's very important to be on time to pickups. If you have more than 10-15 minutes to drive, we recommend bringing a cooler or insulated tote bag. It is also a good idea to have a copy (on paper or on your phone) of your order information. If you're having a friend pickup your order, no problem. Just make sure they have a copy of your order info.


Please note: if you can not make it to your assigned location on your pickup date, reach out to the contact on your pickup location's page. If you do not show up on your pickup date, your account is subject to deletion and we may not accept any more orders from you.